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OH!VAL Cigar Ashtray


OH!VAL is a cigar ashtray made by the "Nanbu-Tekki Ironware". To express the beauty of the surface, the gentleness in the oval motif. And tasteful "black matte" with the Nanbu-Tekki, contrast of "sparkle silver" which was polished top surface is characterized. Each parts can be with set in a favorite position. In addition, you can use it as a tray when take off the cigar-rest.

OH!VAL Cigar cutter "KATANA"

variation : Silver, Gold(gold foiled treatment)

楕円をモチーフにデザインされたOH!VALシリーズの葉巻用カッター。綺麗にカットされたヘッドで吸うシガーは格別な味わいがあります。日本の伝統工芸、日本刀や包丁、そして理容ハサミは世界的に定評があります。OH!VAL シガーカッター「刀(カタナ)」は正に日本の伝統工芸から誕生したMADE IN JAPANの逸品です。ハサミと台が一体の構成はハサミの切れ味と本体を保護するように考えられてます。


Cigar cutter in which the oval motif of "OH!VAL" series. When you smoke a cigar, cigar cutting is the key for taste. OH! VAL cigar scissors "KATANA" is a gem of MADE IN JAPAN, which based on the supreme craftsmanship of Japan. scissors and base is integrated design. Scissors sharpness and body are protected by placing the base.

The gold version has been subjected to gold foiled treatment by craftworkers in Kyoto, finished in a gem that gathered the best techniques of traditional Japanese crafts.

OH!VAL Cigar cutter "KATANA Mini"

variation : Silver, Gold(gold foiled treatment)


"Katana Mini" is a short size cigar cutter that is easy to carry. The diameter of blade is the same as "Katana". Along with a special leather case, you can carry the best sharpness anytime, anywhere.

Rotational Walnut Cigar Ashtray "SQUARE"


"Square" is an ashtray that you can use relaxedly and pleasantly for your own time, or for a moment of talking with friends. Walnut and cigar are the same plant companion, wood's warmth and cigar are very compatible. Four cigars can be placed at an angle of 58° so that each other's cigar will not disturb. There is playfulness and a little convenience for the body to rotate. Aluminum plate is set on the bottom of the body, flame retardant paint is applied to the top of main body, so it is strong for a little heat.